Here are a few of the programming projects I’ve worked on. You can find the source code for these and more on my Github page.  


I made this bot as part of an essay I wrote for Fusion about finding an extensive archive of chat logs from my teenage years. People can chat with the bot and it will attempt to respond using a voice derived from those chat logs.

Teenbot in action


Emoji News

Emoji News is a Facebook Messenger bot that gives users news, only with certain words replaced with emoji. Users can also send the bot an emoji and it will send back a matching news story. Tens of thousands of people have used the bot since it first went online in May 2016.

Emoji News in action


The Trumpweb

In the summer of 2015, I made a Chrome extension that automatically replaces every mention of Donald Trump on a webpage with a quote of his. The extension was very popular and The Rachel Maddow Show featured it during a segment.

Trumpweb in action



This is a Python script I made to help writers from Gawker Media save copies of their writing. If you input a writer’s Kinja screen name, it provides a text copy of every post that account has made.

Gawker-archive in action



When reporters need to write about videos that have been posted online, there’s always the very real risk that the video might be deleted, either by the social media site hosting the video or the person who posted the video. Grabbot is a Slack bot I made to help reporters who are unfamiliar with how to save copies of video off the web do just that. It acts as chat interface for the command-line download tool youtube-dl.

grabbot in action



Another Slackbot I made for reporters using youtube-dl. This one will automatically convert a specified video clip posted online into an animated gif. It also includes tools for superimposing text, slowing down and looping the gif.

gifbot in action



This bot generates a fake debate transcript of the participants of the 2016 Republican presidential power. A new one every hour, on the hour, until the end of time or Heroku shutting down my account. I went on to make several similar bots including one that mimicked Donald Trump’s style of speech and one that automatically made a debate post-mortem.


Beat the Rock and His Rock Clock

This was a video game I made over the course of the week to accompany an essay I wrote about The Rock Clock, the official alarm clock app of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The game was made with the Pico-8 emulator, which uses a version of the Lua programming language.

rock clock in action